Phantom Omni

The haptic interface device used was the Phantom Omni (SensAble). It is able to provide force feedback of up to 5N, providing six degrees of freedom. A C++ library provides several routines and callback functions to handle the input and output.
In this work, the device is used to move a virtual shovel; the data provided by the device driver is the transformation matrix of the grip and position of the point where it attaches to the arm. With this information, we define a normal and four points, which represent respectively the plan and the delimitation of the surface.
The device receives the vector force through a callback function, the force applied by the model comes from a calculation of the resistance of the floor of the scene on the tool. Both forces are summed and truncated, if necessary, to the strongest force supported by the device. The function that gets the data from the device is also called in this callback.

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